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Prototypes are an integral part of the design process as they help validate a design, test features and conduct trials. Prototyping can enable hands-on user feedback and provide invaluable knowledge ahead of production. 

Through collaboration with a number of service providers in the industry we are able to provide fast and cost effective solutions in line with your project requirements. We specialise in delivering parts made from metal, plastic or composite materials finished to in accordance with design and production specifications. 

Prototyping services

CNC Machining

We offer precision CNC machined prototypes manufactured from either pre-production or production materials. The advantage of this service is to enable our customers to take a virtual design and turn it into a physical part which can be validated we before a commitment to tooling for production.  The parts can be machined out of a wide range of metal, aluminium and plastic materials. The quantities can vary from one off items to short production runs which can be used to gauge production times.

Metal Fabrication

Using our 3D CAD software we are able to create a part that meets all functional requirements. Then with virtual one button press we can turn this formed part into a blank sheet of steel or Aluminium which represents the profile of the part. This same profile is suitable to be sent straight to the laser cutters whilst the CAD Guys generate a drawing for the press shop to form the part from.  

Rapid prototyping (SLA, SLM, FDM - ABS plastic)

Rapid prototyping takes virtual 3D designs from CAD and transforms the wall sections into physical models. Prototypes produced through the rapid proto process are typically used for marketing, visualisation and to verify the fitment of a part. This type of part is not generally seen as being suitable for performance testing or to act as a master pattern for casting.

Numerous materials, finishes and post-processing techniques are available. We use a number of national and international suppliers to provide the most economical solutions in addition we can provide advice on the most appropriate techniques for your requirements.

Other Manufacturing Capabilities

Plastics: Blow moulding, vacuum forming and Rotational Moulding

Rubber: Rubberised, reinforced rubber, metal to rubber bonded parts

One-off tooling for: Cast metal or aluminium parts, sheet metal forming, plastic parts

The key to our success is being able to understand our customer’s needs and the end users requirements. We then utilise our experience and extensive network to create accurate, affordable prototypes and parts in a wide variety of materials.