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We provide a 2D CAD drafting service which develops drawings from hand sketches, virtual concepts and physical components in accordance with Australian Standards. Our drawings are suitable for the automotive, military, agricultural, and medical industries. We specialise in detailing single components, assemblies, fabrications, production and schematic drawings.

Our outputs range from black and white line drawings, instruction illustrations through to refined presentation and images for marketing purposes. We are also are to customise our drawing templates and drawing standards to match a client’s needs.

The technical requirements associated with our clients work varies from standard drawing set ups, dimensions, level of detail needed, view displays, projection angles, section details to preferred paper size. To achieve the best outcome for you we assess and reflect your technical standards back into the required deliverables. We follow a process that uses a number of management tools to ensure customisation and quality is maintained.

Prototype and Production Drawings

Our team is very experienced with both prototype and production based drawings. We have an intermit understanding of the manufacturing environment which enables us to provide all the necessary information to the shop floor. The types of drawings offered are suitable for machining, profile cutting, tooling and mould design. In addition we can provide a comprehensive range of jig and fixture drawings to support higher production volumes.

Engineering Drawing Example 

All materials, finishes and tolerance information can be captured along with Bill of Materials (BoM’s) and special notations.