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Implementing Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology can enable your factory to become highly automated. Through real-time control and robotics a CAM system usually seeks to control the production process through varying degrees of automation. Because each of the many manufacturing processes in a CAM system is computer controlled, a high degree of precision can be achieved that is not possible with a human interface.

Integrated CAD/CAM solutions provide significant advantages, it can be used to facilitate mass customization (the process of creating small batches of products that are custom designed to suit each particular client). Customisation without a CAD/CAM system would be a time consuming, costly process.

Want to save time on the shop floor?

You could benefit from our rapid prototype techniques.  We are able to program your CNC machines directly from our CAD modelling software.

Have you got your own CNC machines?

You can drastically reduce the cost of developing CNC programs.  The CAD Guys can program your machine directly from the software used to create the 3D model.  Our team are experienced in postprocessor configuration and 3, 4, 5, & 7 axis machining.

Our experienced team in the field of manufacturing are able to ensure reliable and gouge free tool paths. All of our parts are run through a simulation process prior to post-processing to check the virtual machining before transferring the code to the shop floor.  

Advantages of NC Programming:

  • Optimized Tool Path
  • Gouge free and reliable
  • Faster output and change implementation
  • Special care is taken for surface finish and accuracy

Features of our services

  • Tool path generation
  • Tool path verification
  • CNC Process optimization
  • Machine program simulation
  • Process sheet generation for CNC
  • Post-Processor Development