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We can take a physical part or assembly that exists in your current product range and turn it into a 3D model that can be configured exactly how you intend it to be. It is possible for you to achieve this without any major time loss or implied costs to your business.

What can we do for you?

The CAD Guys offer services to cover all the well-known CAD applications. Our engineering skills are drawn from a number of different industries including automobile, military and agricultural.

With concurrent engineering solutions, well-established quality processes and best design methodology, we guarantee shorter and more efficient product design cycles.

The CAD Guys can help you in entire development process, right from concept design, product layout/assembly planning, component design, to assembly design, assembly analysis and product packaging design.  This is performed in conjunction with you to ensure the best and most suitable result. We have successfully executed large projects using both top-down and bottom-up design management techniques.

3D Modelling

Our expert team can build Complex 3D geometrical models with built-in design intent, and behavioural modelling to optimize the design. The models can be completely parametric, with interdependent dimensions driven by relations created by you in conjunction with our experienced staff.


Creation of initial layouts, Bottom-up assemblies and top-down assemblies with modular methodology is our specialty. Assemblies are built with inter-part relationship to capture the full design intent.

Tolerance analysis, Interference checks and Mass Property calculation

We are able to evaluate part and assembly tolerances to ensure that errors associated with tolerance stack up are minimised. Interference of parts within an assembly can be easily identified and rectified prior to production. Assemblies mass, the Centre of Gravity and the moments of inertia can all be obtained from the virtual model of you product.

Legacy 2D to 3D Conversion and DATA Migration

Converting 2D drawings to 3D models this is particularly useful for long standing businesses with paper based systems. In the fast-paced manufacturing environment, quick turnaround is essential we can help bring your company in line with current practices.

The CAD Guys have a dedicated group of Engineers who understand the technology to perform these tasks and help you to tackle the problem of conversion - translating, remodelling, reconstructing, PDM Data Migration and rebuilding CAD data.

Features of our services:

  • Data migration services from Paper drawings, 2D to 3D conversion,
  • Migration of data from old CAD systems to new generation CAD systems.
  • Conversion of CAD models from one CAD software to another
  • Creation & management of Standard Parts library (SPL)
  • Error free CAD data translation
  • Experience in working on different CAD systems

Our company is capable of handling this labour-intensive CAD work and able to provide a smooth transition and implementation period, simultaneously our client’s resources remain free to focus on the more important aspects of their business.